April 13, 2009

Broccoli Salad


This is another dish I made for our Easter BBQ yesterday.  It was very delicious, and a great alternative to a standard lettuce salad.  It's the first time I made it myself, although my Mom always made a great broccoli salad.  I added and substituted a couple ingredients from the standard recipe, and I recommend you do the same thing, depending on your tastes.

What's in it 
Broccoli crowns chopped into bite sized pieces (you could blanch if you like)
Cooked bacon, chopped
Red onion, chopped (I pour boiling water over it to blanch it and cut the rawness a bit)
Sunflower seeds
Walnuts toasted
Dried cranberries
Cheddar cheese shredded
Creamy salad dressing - I used creamy poppy seed, which Trader Joe's just started carrying, otherwise Brianna's is the original brand.

How it's made
Combine all the ingredients and eat! If you can, it's best to let marinate in the refrigerator beforehand.

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  1. Thanks for including a photograph. I am definitely going to try to put up more photos--I think it makes such a big difference!


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