July 19, 2010

Foreman's Fruit Punch

It is kind of amazing how some things you eat, or even drink, stick with your memory. This punch was made by Alexis' close family friends Dave and Jeanne Foreman at a BBQ they had us kids over for back in high school. I don't even remember the occasion. However, when it's really hot in Chico and Forest Ranch, as it often is in the summer, a refreshing drink hits the spot. I found the recipe written down, so I must have gotten it back in the day. This picture has rubber duckies in it because I made it for a baby shower. It was a hit.*

What's in it
1 can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 liter ginger ale, cold
1/2 gallon rainbow sherbert, or other fruity flavors
lots of ice
optional: rubber duckies, strawberries, pineapple slices

How it's made
Grab a big punch bowl (or a large salad bowl in my case, with high sides) and pour in the ginger ale, then mix in the juice concentrate until dissolved. Add ice then scoop in sherbert. Garnish with optional extras. Enjoy!

*Everyone couldn't believe how good it tasted, and then they realized it was probably the first fruity mixed drink they'd had in a long time without alcohol mixed in. Conversely, you could probably spike this punch fairly successfully.

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