November 18, 2008

Crock Pot No Brainer Bean Soup

This morning I woke up two hours before I had to go to work, rode my bike to the farmer's market and TJ's, rode back, threw this together in the crock pot, and was on my way.  Fabulous! The best is getting home to a fully cooked meal.

1 package dried 17 bean mix (from TJ's)
celery chopped
carrot chopped
1 onion chopped and sauteed in butter
sausage links sliced
mushrooms chopped
1 box veggie stock
spices (salt, pepper, caraway, bay leaf, oregano...)

The way it's done
Disclaimer: depending on the size of your crock pot, you will want to adjust ingredient size.  I had to use only half a package of beans for mine, since it's so small.
You'll have to soak the beans in water overnight.  They soak up a lot of water, so be sure to have enough water covering them (2 inches). 
In the morning, put all the ingredients in the crock pot, and add water to fill enough liquid.  Put the crock pot on low, go to work, and come home to a warm and delicious meal!  I just ate mine with baguette and butter.
I'll probably make a second batch tomorrow with the rest of my ingredients, then freeze it for later.  Feel free to add or subtract variety of ingredients.


  1. I can't wait to make some soup and to try out my crock pot! Thanks for posting!

  2. OK folks so I made round two today, and it was much tastier! I forgot to add onions (it was early) but I added dried shiitake mushrooms and the water I used to hydrate them went into the pot as well. This created a much earthier taste to the soup. I also used less beans, and cut the veggies in a more uniform fashion, and added more spices.

    Last night's leftovers travelled well to work with me in a jar for lunch, yum!


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