November 18, 2008

Sharing is Caring

I collect recipes. For years, I've cut scraps of paper from newspapers and cooking magazines, pilfered recipe cards and old cook books from relatives and stolen ideas from the internet. Of course, most recipes are meant to be shared and enjoyed, so I never feel bad for taking them and pasting them into my own recipe book.

For all of the new recipes that I find, though, I only end up making a few of them. Sometimes I just don't know if a caramel toffee ice cream pie will be worth the trouble to prepare. Sometimes I just don't have a good excuse to make a goat cheese and blood orange crostini. Still, I never stop looking for new recipes.

This blog is about sharing recipes with friends. Ideally, interested cooks will cook or bake one recipe (a new, experimental one or a cherished favorite) each week, then post the recipe--with advice, adjustments and comments about the experience--on this blog. Hopefully, we'll all learn something along the way, and more importantly, start cooking and sharing more often. Invite your friends over to try your creations and fun and laughter will surely follow.

Welcome to Recipes for Laughter.

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