June 10, 2009


Ingredients: Amount depends on size of serving dish

*Pound Cake (I used frozen Sara Lee)
*Fresh berries - black, blue, straw, ras.
*Vanilla pudding - the cooking kind
*Whipped cream
*Jam - I usually use rasberry

Trifle is sooooo yummy and a family favorite of mine.  The ingredients are flexible so add what fruits you like.  It's easy to make and best served in a bowl like the one pictured so the layers can be seen.  The order you layer the ingredients is up to you, but this is how we do it.  
    I like to lay down a little custard/pudding in the bottom to make it even since the dish is rounded.  My Nan liked to use bird's custard, but I just use cooked vanilla pudding after it's cooled a bit.  Then cover with pound cake; doesn't mater if there are openings, just do a layer - hint, but not a must, is to spread jam on one side of the pound cake.  Next is berries (the jucies will soak into the pound cake and preserve the layered looked).   When in season fresh rasberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries would be ideal. . . however it is still very tasty to use the frozen mixed berry pack from the store (thaw first).  
    The next layer is banana's - sliced and arranged virtically around the glass for viewing purposes and then a complete layer across the rest laying face down.  If you want to keep the color bright, sprinkle lemon juice over the bananas before putting the in the dish.  The last layer is whipped cream - can use real, however cool whip maintains a firm texture a bit longer which is nice for the layering, and it taste just as good.  Then start the next layer with pound cake on the whipped cream followed by custard and so on. 
Repeat the layers in order for as high as your bowl allows.  The top layer should be whipped cream and garnished with a few pieces of friut.   

Keep refrigerated until served!  When serving dig down through all of the layers with a spoon.


  1. Very nice Brit. I've never made one, but I can't wait now. Good picture too.

  2. Yeah, the picture is great! Thank you for puting this up--I'm so excited to make it! Great Spring/Summer dessert! YUMMM!


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