October 6, 2009


Usually when I have lots of apples, I resort to making Apple Crisp or White Rabbit Salad. When Mary Ann dropped a bag of apples off on my front step this weekend I figured on making some type of baked treat. We both decided, however, on embarking on a mission to make homemade applesauce. It's amazingly quick and easy, and delicious! It's like eating a sauce version of apple pie, yum.

What's in it
5-6 apples
1/4 C water or apple juice/cider
2 Tbl brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

How it's made
Peel and core apples, then cut them into chunks about an inch square. Place apples in a saucepan with the water/cider/juice. Heat on low until simmering, then simmer covered for 20
minutes or until soft. Remove from heat. Mash apples down until desired texture. I used a pastry cutter, but a potato masher or fork would work as well. If you like smooth sauce, you can use a food processor. Mix in sugar and spices. Eat warm or cold. This would be a great topping for pork chops. Does anyone have a good recipe??

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  1. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that applesauce was easy to make, but I never really thought about actually making it. Now I will. Thank you!


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