December 29, 2008

Leta's Pozole

Andy's mom makes the best Pozole (also spelled Posole). Ok, it's pretty much the only Pozole I've ever had, but it's delicious! Last night we made it at Andy's new house and it was enough for me and three dudes.

What's in it
1 lg yellow onion, chopped
2 lb (or so) pork shoulder/loin cut in small cubes
tall can of canned beer
cumin, ground coriander, red chili powder (sweet)
2 cans green chili, drained and chopped
1 lg can hominy, drained
1 small can corn, drained
steamed tortillas
mexican cheese, crumbled (Alexis, help me with the name here) or grated monterey jack
chopped cilantro

How it's done
In a dutch oven, clear onions in oil on stovetop. Add pork and brown. Then add beer and spices, cover and simmer 45-60 minutes. Add cans of hominy, corn, chili. Simmer until warmed.

Serve topped with cheese, cilantro and lime. Eat with steamed tortillas (use them to pinch of pieces of the stew).

*We had this for dinner again tonight (July 2010) with Ngoc and Dave, and Dave's (mexican) grandma makes traditional pozole. He recommended adding a ham hock or pig's foot to the broth for stewing, and also recommended adding shredded fresh cabbage for garnish and sliced radishes.


  1. Ooh, lame--I left a comment on here yesterday, but it didn't post! I don't know what happened. I was saying how great this is--I just cut out a pozole recipe about a week ago! Yum. This one looks much more doable, too. I've been meaning to make pozole for about 6 years. Since I lived with you, in fact. I even had a big can of hominy from Mi Tierra on San Pablo. It's about time I actually tried this!

  2. Yeah, the night we made this, I wanted it the next night, and the's so delicious and easy. I was thinking I need to actually go into Mi Tierra soon, I've never been there! I love it b/c it's the only way I know how to eat hominy, which i love!

  3. We made this again for Lauren's birthday, and used a dark beer instead of light, and it came out pretty good as well. I realized we should have made Alexis' tortilla chips with these as an appetizer.


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